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Sync Your Cycle Challenge

Let's start working with your body - not against it!

Grab your spot in the Sync Your Cycle Challenge and learn the basics to syncing your cycle.

Let's start working with your body and its cyclical pattern - not against it! 

Here’s what we’re covering:

» Why do YOU want to start tracking?

» What is a menstrual cycle and how to get started with tracking and syncing. 

» Hormone imbalances & how they impact your cycle

» How to sync your nutrition and exercise to your cycle. 

Teach me how to sync my cycle!

This challenge is for you if...

  • You don't have any idea what is going on with your body every month!

  • You struggle with hormones all month long or have PMS or PMDD before your period.

  • You are burning yourself out everyday to do everything.

  • You are over exercising and not listening to what your body needs each month.

  • You want to learn to work with your cycle and the hormonal changes it brings. 

  • You need help with nutrition and feeding your body 

Hi, I'm Britt!


I help women learn more about their cycle, balance their hormones and work with their bodies.

I have always struggled with an overall lack of energy, depression, anxiety and

feeling out of touch with who I was. After years of therapy and continuous

work on myself I realized it might not just be my mental health that needed

work - but my physical health as well!

3 years ago I looked in the mirror and had no idea who I was anymore. I was

EXHAUSTED - Mentally, Physically and Spiritually. What many called a midlife

crisis, was actually just my body telling me to SLOW DOWN! After having 2

kids, running 2 businesses and working full time in mental health I was

working against my body and it was ready to give up!

I realized it was time to figure out what was going on! Why was I so exhausted

all the time? Why was I so unhappy and anxious? I have two amazing children,

the best girlfriends anyone could ask for and an incredibly supportive family -

so why was I feeling this way.

After a year of therapy and working on my mental health I realized the impact

trauma and hormones have on your over all well being - and here we are

today! Once I realized that your cycle is a beautiful thing that you can work

with every month I was able to unlock it’s super power!