What is heck is self care?

This question has been sent in my DMs more time’s then i can count! And for good reason.

We are constantly told to “take care of ourselves”, to “practice self care” and to make sure we take "time for self care”.

But what does that mean?

Well, at Balance that means whatever YOU need it to mean!

Self care is any activity that we do deliberately to take care of our mental, emotional and physical health!

For me self care is my daily workout, taking time to have a few moments of silence a day and reflect and to take time away from everyone and be alone.

There are three things I tell my clients when it comes to self care:

  1. Don’t over think it! Find 1 thing that makes you feel great and try that out. Once it becomes a habit for you then try something else!

  2. Actively make time for that activity! If you don’t intentionally make time to do the self care activity you have chosen, it won’t happen. You need to deliberately set time out of your day/week to participate in it!

  3. Journal or reflect on your self care. Contemplate how you are feeling before you participate in self care and then how you feel afterwards. What do you want to get out of the self care? How do you want to feel afterwards? Do you feel that way?

So you’re ready to start some self care but have ZERO idea what that would look like for you?

Here are some great ideas to get you started!

Read a book before bed each night

Just. Sit. on your porch. (Literally - just sit there)

Take a bubble bath

Buy yourself a fresh bouquet of flowers

Take an early evening walk

Do yoga

Have a dance party and sing along!

Go for a long drive, with the windows down and the music pumping!

Bake a dessert you love. AND THEN EAT IT!

Say NO! to someone (Yea i said it! - boundaries people!)

Did any of those peak your interest?! I personally love the idea of eating yummy dessert!

What do you do for self care?

Want another way to do self care? Hire a COACH! Not only to teach you the self care ways but also to support you and show you how to do things that you’ve always wanted to do!

Want more info? Fill out the application to work 1:1 with me HERE! and let’s chat!

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