What is Cycle Syncing?

What is Cycle Syncing?

Cycle syncing is when you adapt your diet, exercise routine, social calendar, and even important work engagements to the different phases of your monthly menstrual cycle.

There are four phases to the menstraul cycle: menstruation, follicular, ovulatory and luteal. each one has different hormones at play and needs different lifestyle and nutrition support.


Anyone can benefit from cycle syncing but it is especially important in those females who experience hormone imbalance symptoms. These symptoms can include but are not limited to:

  • trouble sleeping

  • irregular/ painful periods

  • low libido

  • mood swings / brain fog

  • digestion / gut issues

  • weight gain / trouble loosing weight

  • low energy / fatigue

  • depression / anxiety

  • acne

  • fibroids / cysts

  • PCOS / endometriosis

Do you experience any of these? Then your hormones may be out of balance!


Why is it important to track your cycle?

1. Help you see patterns unique to your body

2. Know when you are most fertile

3. Increase awareness of your overall health and wellness

4. Explain your sex drive

5. Understand and manage your mood

Our energy and mood fluctuates throughout our cycle. Getting in touch with your cycle and its patterns can be a total GAME CHANGER in your life. When you have an imbalance of hormones your period and cycle will tell you (PMS, irregular periods, painful periods etc.)

Want more info on how to track your cycle, what is going on through each phase of your cycle and how to optimize your life during each phase? Download your free Sync your Cycle guide today!

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