Best Way To Sync Your Skin Care and Your Cycle!

Updated: Apr 8

Not only is syncing your cycle beneficial for lifestyle planning, it’s also great to realize what is happening with your skin and how you can work with your cycle during each phase of your cycle.

Most women will have one major breakout a month, and chalk it up to their menstrual cycle and usually they are correct!

Usually this will happen during your luteal phase right before your period.

Why? Isn’t it torture enough to go through menstruation??

During the luteal phase, your progesterone makes skin swell, pores get tight and oil production increases!

Making changes to your skin care routine during the different phases of your cycle can drastically change the health of your skin!

How to make the most out of your cycle:

During your menstrual phase that lasts 3-7 days your skin is dry and dull and WAY more sensitive. Now is not the time to start trying out new products! Be gentle with your skin, avoid exfoliation and hydrate!

Your Follicular phase is when your collagen levels boost, making your skin thicker and glow! Using a vitamin C serum, exfoliation and trying new products is best during this time!

Say hello to glow, beautiful skin during your ovulatory phase! This phase only lasts 3-4 days but it’s the best time to schedule a facial to clean our your pores before the oil increases in your luteal phase. Book a facial and get some self care in!

Then say hello to the luteal phase and extra oil production! You are more likely to have breakouts during this time and some cystic pimples on the chin and jaw line!

So what are my favourite products right now?

I’ve been LOVING the Bioderma micerller water and moisturizer and ANYTHING from The Ordinary!

I’ve just recently been on a journey to get my skin back to where it was before birth control and am LOVING the way it feels right now!

Want more information on Syncing Your Cycle?

Try out our Sync Your Cycle Guide for FREE! Want more detailed information and steps to start syncing? Our Sync Your Cycle Roadmap is being revamped right now! Grab the guide now and get first access to the new Roadmap when its out at the end of JUNE!

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