3 Best Apps for Tracking Your Cycle

If someone were to ask you when your last period was would you be able to tell them? Or sit there in a confused state as you try to think back to the last time you can remember having it?

I used to be that way. When I got pregnant with Addy my periods were so irregular that I really couldn't tell the doctor anything about when my last period was. We had to wait for a dating ultrasound to find out any kind of due date or progress.

Not only is tracking your period convenient for knowing when you're going to have your period, but it can also give you clues to when other things might be going on in your body. It lets you know when you should be ovulating, if you period is late, or helps you make sense of your symptoms.

It's like having a tiny cycle encyclopedia in your pocket!

I've been testing out a number of different trackers the past year and have found 3 that I love! Each has their own pros and cons but I thought I'd share my own experience with you!

  1. Flo

Flo is definitely one of the more popular apps. It's the first one I use and my main app for tracking right now.

I love that you can have FREE access to the tracking aspect and even some insight into your symptoms. You can pay for a full subscription if you wanted but I don't find it necessary.

Some things I like about Flo:

The number of areas you can track! It's endless! You can track your weight, sleep and water intake. How high or low your libido is and if you have had sex or masurbated that day. It has 14 different moods to choose from and 13 different symptoms. There is somewhere to track your discharge, your flow while menstruating and you basal body temperature.

Also if you are trying to get pregnant you can track if you have taken a pregnancy test and the result, as well as an ovulation test, and if you are taking oral contraceptives or other medications.

The data nerd in me LOVES the fact that you can look at graphs of the past cycles to see if you have any similar symptoms around certain parts of your cycle.

This is by far my favourite app. I don't actually have anything in it that I don't like!


2. Clue

Clue is definitely number 2 on my list! It has a great modern look and you can track basically everything going on in your life!

The list of tracking options is huge! All categorized in items such as period bleeding and collection method, body (cravings, digestion, fluid, hair, skin, pain, stool, temperature, weight), Vitality (emotions, energy, mental, motivation, sleep, social), Activities (appointments, exercise, meditation, party, sex and Medical (any medication, type of birth control if you use it, any tests you've had done).

I love the different options and you can turn off or on any that you don't like to use or track.

The one downside of clue is that you do not get any insight into your period unless you pay for the full membership. It's not expensive - coming in at $39.99 for a whole year or $9.99 a month.

I also don't enjoy that there is no where to right notes. I sometimes like to track why I think I'm feeling a certain way, or if I ate something that might be contributing to my stomach issues.

Besides that it is a great option for tracking!


3. myFLO

This app is relatively new compared to the other two and comes in third place in my books.

What I love about it is that it specifically tells you what you can do to be symptom free! It teaches you why you have that symptom and how to fix your period naturally. It's like having one of my in your back pocket at all times!

What I do not like about this app is the limited number of items you can track. There are no specific mood options other then "mood swings". So for someone who has a rollercoaster of emotions every month and wants to see a pattern you wouldn't be able to track when you are happy, or sad, or anxious etc.

If you are looking for a step by step approach this is a great option! I would recommend tracking your mood outside of the app thought to get a better understanding.


So there you have it! 3 of the best apps on the market today!

If apps aren't your thing and you prefer pen to paper download my Sync your Cycle guide and find what you need to start tracking your cycle that way as well!

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